My work

Nature looks soft but is tough and durable. She gives me an irrepressible passion to create. A physical struggle to capture that which decays in robust material. Thus autonomous works of art are created, mostly from rusted metal. And also more conceptual commissioned work with forays into product design. A wonderfully interesting challenge to work out my timeless moments in nature in different dimensions into graceful, organic-looking, natural forms. Cuddly and eternal.

My Wunderkammer

Like an explorer, I allow myself to marvel, look around and be touched by the richness of nature. In the beauty of forms, I discover details that I fear I forget. I store them in my memory or physically in my Wunderkammer (archive). They are remnants of natural processes around me, such as growth, germination and decay that remind me of my own impermanence. My sculptures are not copies of nature, they are results of a search by me for natural primal forms. My way of validating my connection with nature.

Biophilic Design

Over time, humanity has become increasingly distant from its habitat; nature. With consequences for the earth and its and our (mental) health. This awareness grows with the knowledge that a sustainable relationship between humans and nature contributes to our health, well-being and happiness. Contact with nature makes us happier and healthier, that is Biophilia.

My mission

I want to connect people with nature by enriching the physical environment with objects and installations that connect us with nature. I want the viewer to look with the eyes an explorer with wonder and respect for the natural world around them.

When you look at my works, the Biophilia effect kicks in. People go digging in their subconscious for memories in nature in which the patterns occur. Back to those happy moments, for example, in the woods or on the beach, and that provides relaxation.

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