About Juul

As a designer Juul is skilled in converting ideas to a product that is finished. From idea formation to image. She determines what and who is needed and works structured towards a final result!

Juul Rameau - organische vormen -

Bioinspired Design; Inspiring designs by Juul Rameau

Tough material and natural shapes characterize the work of designer Juul Rameau. Rameau is fascinated by patterns and structures that she finds in nature. She files these findings in her ‘Wunderkammer’ which functions as an archive from which she makes her designs. From impressions that nature leaves behind, she creates her own imagery in which format does not seem to matter. From entrance gates to fences and from space distributors to sculptures Studio Juul Rameau creates its own visual language that links with nature.

Studio Juul Rameau

The work of Studio Juul Rameau combines customization with craftsmanship and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Rameau is challenged by different materials, dimensions and locations. She regularly collaborates with interior designers and (landscape) architects. Be inspired by the natural imagery of Juul Rameau. Do you have a nice place and a challenge for Juul?

Juul’s 5 design guiding principles

CREATING create something new and make it SPATIAL it is spatial, the dimensions do not matter NATURAL it feels natural or refers to nature EASE the work has to reflect and radiate peace, relax and comfort  INSPIRE the wonder about the things that she she wants to share and use to inspire others

Contact Juul for

  • Unique additions for indoor and outdoor space
  • Interior advice, design and execution from a Biophilic design point of view
  • Concept development
  • Lectures and workshops about her activities