101 Poppies – #4


10 x 10 cm
In edition of 3
Hanemuhle paper

A magical moment

Just before summer starts, the poppies aren’t there one day, and the next day I suddenly see them everywhere. In the park, along the road, on the dike. I find that fascinating. As if that one spring outing gives the final push. Whether the sun just shone that day enough that all those poppies collectively thought, “This is the moment.” A magical moment. A moment to cherish, because a poppy only blooms briefly.


You can also purchase the poppies framed. Send an e-mail with the number of the poppy and the request to receive it framed. The cost of a framed print, with an aluminum frame, is € 165.


I have compiled this entire series into a book. The book is still available here.


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