Green Gold

An ode to the poplar tree

The artwork ‘Green Gold’ on the Stationsplein in Best is an ode to the poplar and what this tree means for this environment. You can walk through the artwork or stay on one of the poplar benches. Watch for the moment that makes your heart jump as you pass the station square and can see straight through the corridor that forms the work of art.

The clog is used in the artwork as a recognizable ‘golden’ symbol that stands for all products that can be made from poplar wood.

Read about this in the Eindhovens Dagblad.


In the vicinity of Best, historically, there is a scenic landscape with poplar trees. A bocage landscape is a semi-open landscape that is characterized by a patchwork of small irregular plots, which are screened by poplars in this case. If you move through a bocage landscape, you will see landscape elements disappearing in front of and behind the rows of trees and then reappearing a little later. This patchwork was created by the front leg right that is in force in the area of Best.


The front leg right means that landowners have the right to plant and harvest trees in their own possession on a piece of land in front of their own plot. The proceeds of this are for the landowners. Usually this concerns the verge of a road that runs along the plot. The different poplar rows therefore have different owners. The result of this is different planting years and felling or harvesting routines. You can see the various growth stages of the trees in the landscape, one is larger and thicker and older than the other.

These poplars were used as an investment and piggy bank for the landowners in the area. The wood that the poplar produced was sold. This created a lively wood processing industry in the vicinity of Best. Poplar wood was used for the production of clogs and matches. Nowadays poplar wood is increasingly used as a building material.


Municipality of Best




27 meters long, 6.5 meters high


Corten steel and LED lighting


Station Square Best

Green Gold is part of the Productive Nature Project of the Municipality of Best. The aim is to realize several artistic expressions within the Productive Nature theme, at various locations in the municipality of Best. The artistic expressions must have a structural character. Residents and visitors should be inspired by the artistic expressions. During the realization of the artworks, a connection must also be created between the Productive Nature in the Nature Gate De Vleut in connection with the center and the station environment of Best.

Thanks to the Municipality of Best, Metaalplan , Van Helvoirt Groenprojecten and Roel Muurlink.

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