Circle of life

Objects for nature coaching

Juul . designed for CoachTo

– Circle of Life passageway,
– Stepping stones
– Seating elements
– Elements of logs cut from trees on the plot

Art and (walking) coaching reinforce each other! In this customer’s garden I placed 5 works of art that connect with nature. Good for themselves, but also for clients of the coaching practice.

“Juul listened carefully and made very clever use of the materials already present in our woodland garden.

In addition, she has designed a number of art objects that perfectly match and support my coaching practice.”

Rita: “During walking coaching you are inspired by the power, wisdom and creativity of nature. And nature is relaxing for your body and your mind. I asked Juul, on the advice of our landscape architect Noel van Mierlo of Van Mierlo Tuinen , to design objects to support my coaching.”

“Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found”. - Eckart Tolle






Various sizes


Corten steel and


Private green domain

In the gallery