Gates of Hope

A monument to freedom.

In honor of the 75th liberation celebrations in 2019 on the Kanaalstraat in Son en Breugel.

This statue to honor those who fought for our freedom and to remind us that we never forget the freedom we live in. With hope for the future that everyone can spend their life in freedom.

The design refers to the international symbol of peace, the dove with an olive branch and refers to the paratroopers who landed in large numbers around Son en Breugel and played a crucial role in the liberation at the end of the Second World War.


Stakenburg Fund &

Municipality of Son en Breugel




8 meters wide, 5 meters high


Corten steel and LED lighting


Canal Street, Son en Breugel

In the ‘Art around the corner’ program by Omroep Brabant, program maker Dirk Verhoeven goes in search of the many striking works of art in Brabant that people drive past every day, but whose story they do not know.

This time Gates of Hope in Son en Breugel.

This work is part of Juuls Tour D’art. A 40 km bicycle art route through the beautiful Brabant countryside along 4 large works in public space by Juul.

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