Book 101 poppies in one day (dutch)


101 poppies
Accompanied by poems 
Information about printmaking techniques



Poetic collection of 101 poppies by Juul accompanied by poems from her hand.


I etched 101 poppies. A study of the appearance of the poppy and at the same time a study of the different possibilities within the printmaking technique technique etching. How to get an image on the etching plate. I brought all the poppies together in this book.


Juul about her poppies: Just before summer, the poppies are nowhere to be seen, then one day I suddenly see them everywhere. In the park, along the road, on the dike. I find that fascinating. As if that spring sprout gives the last push. Whether the sun shone enough that day so that all those poppies thought collectively: “This is the moment.” A magical moment. A moment to cherish, because a poppy flowers only briefly.

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