Memorial in private garden

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About This Project

Memorial monument

A tribute to father … Father was the patriarch of the family and a great lover of the Camellia. The work is inspired by these flower forms.
A very old red beech (the patriarch) watches over 4 flower shapes (mother with 3 sons) of corten steel with in the middle a core of natural stone Bianco del mare. On the stone core the initials of the father are chiseled and there is a cavity in which ashes are placed.
Designing as a tribute to a deceased loved one is extremely honorable. Grateful for the confidence that this job is in good hands with me. Design: Juul Rameau Dimensions model: ± diameter 2m height 1.6m Material: Corten steel


“I came into contact with Juul during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, I was not even looking but there was a work by her that attracted me a lot and I was working on a memorial / artwork for my deceased father at that moment. There she talked very briefly but there was already an involvement from her side that appealed to me. In our conversations that involvement remained, she listened to my story, asked the right questions, looked at my surroundings and came on a great work of art that fits completely into its environment and reflects the emotion as I had hoped. “

In association with

Stonemason Michiel Deylius Placement in collaboration with Landscaping company GM van der Heijden

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