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Design, Interior, Outdoor
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About This Project

CoS (cellular organic structure) functions as an intervention in the space in which it is located and fascinates by the play with light, which is directly connected with nature. Approaching CoS changes the pattern through which the senses are stimulated. The design of the pattern is inspired by cell structures, from which all life has been built.

Through her fascination with nature designer Juul Rameau gives her work form and content. The handmade pattern is translated into the modern technique of laser cutting and is manufactured by passionate craftsmen. C o S comes with an LED light that creates a pleasant, soft light that underlines the cell structure and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Available in corten steel and coated via Studio Juul Rameau

CELLULAR organic STRUCTURE Year: 2017 Design: Juul Rameau Dimensions: 0.3 x 0.3 x 2.0 M Material: Corten steel or color powder coated steel

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