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About This Project

Biophilic Interior Design

Fysiotherapie Praktijk Wittevrouwen asked me to review their practice with biophilic eyes.
I developed an interior plan for them according to Biophilic Design. The plan could be executed in a small period of time with a limited budget and a contemporary, modern, biophilic style.


Biophilic Design

Biophilia describes the inborn relationship between people and (the rest of the) nature. Like all the other life on this planet, we are part of a larger whole. Connecting to nature in the built environment is called ‘Biophilia Design’. Many scientific studies prove that nature or a natural-like environment has positive effects on our health and well-being. With Biophilia Design I want to strengthen the relationship between nature, human biology and design in the built environment. Biophilia Design appeals to all our senses and allows me to create environments that feel good and are good for us!

Elements of Biophilia design:

Indirect lighting, natural materials and adding more living green. For the walls, natural colors (green tones for rest) are selected that match the floor (orange / red stands for energy).

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