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About This Project

Ecoffee Cup made a reusable coffee / tea cup with a design from me!

Ecoffee Cup fights against the single use of coffee and tea cups. How many of these plastic or cardboard cups do you use every year? Undoubtedly (too) much. The Ecoffee Cup cups are also made with the world’s fastest growing, most sustainable crop – bamboo fibe.

# Stopthe100billion Every time you use your Ecoffee Cup, you can make a small dent in the 100 billion coffee cups for single use that go to the landfill every year!

I made the design in 2014 for the Coffee Art Project of the Coffee Festival. The proceeds from the artworks go to Project Waterfall and even now a portion of the proceeds from the cups goes to this good cause. Project Waterfall brings clean drinking water, sanitation and education for communities where coffee is grown.

Get rid of all those plastic cups everywhere. Just bring your own. Support project Waterfall, Stop the 100 billion. With the Ecoffee Cup Bamboo Cup you drink from a natural product and the use of it helps to prevent waste.

Fasionalbly. Durable. GREAT DESIGN.

Use that reusable cup. JUST DO

Compete against #Singleuse. Of course you can order this cup from me.

Support Project Waterfall. All my proceeds go to Project Waterfall.

Do you want to raise awareness within your company or for everyone a cup, of course you can. Also think of a cup as a promotional gift. Show involvement with these goals! I look forward to your email.

Juul Rameau for Project Waterfall for Ecoffee Cup.

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