Sketch design for sculpture on roundabout

art, Outdoor
About This Project

Client : Strand Links
Assignment : Sketch design for sculpture on roundabout
Location : Rotonde Korte Kerkstraat – Kanaalweg – Aimé Bonnastraat in Vianen at the entrance to the old town

Vianen is on the geographical map on crossings of water and roads and has traditionally also fulfilled this role. A real transit / connecting city. Vianen was a city of liberty and the city had its attraction for people from all backgrounds and corners. This told me that the image longs for an open character.

My (art) works arise through fascination with the diversity of nature. This manifests itself in organic patterns, rhythms and structures. When crossing water and roads, I think of the grain of a leaf. These ‘leaf paths’ form an open structure.

By raising this open structure, a monumental image with an organic appearance is created, allowing the wind to blow through freely. An image with a layering and variety of faces. Not only because the image is different and interesting from any point of view, but also because the daylight differs from that in the night.

Stichting Strand Links has given 2 young artists a chance to design an image for this location. Juul Rameau and Marinke van Zandwijk. After presentations by both artists, the jury chose the design by Marinke van Zandwijk to be further elaborated and realized. Keep an eye on the Strand Links site for more information.

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