Collected trees – golden series

I proudly present “Collected Trees”. These sculptures are a reaction to a beautiful painting by the Dutch master Jasper van der Lanen (1585-1626). The pieces will be on display at Masterly The Hague .

The theme this year is “Ode to the Dutch landscape”. Masterly the Hague is e
and biennale in which all participants passionately talk about the work they have made on a historical painting for four days. During Masterly The Hague, historical paintings are brought to The Hague from spectacular private collections! Only 4 days on display to the public.

*October 21-24*

Tickets via

Find me on location: The King’s Ballroom, Kazernestraat 38 The Hague

Biophilic Design & Art

My artworks fall under the principles of Biophilic Design, where the starting point is to connect people and nature for our well-being and happiness by allowing natural elements to return in all kinds of art, design and architecture. Connecting people and nature is also called Biophilia.

Creating is my greatest passion. It gives me great pleasure to share my art with as many nature lovers as possible. It is very dear to me to make so many people happy with something I love to do.

Garden – art – nature inspiration?

My studio is a breeding ground for all my ideas that develop into works of art with graceful, organic-looking, natural forms. Here I work on various art projects and a changing collection can be seen. An application from a private individual or company for commissioned art is always a great challenge. An exchange of ideas, feeling and form. A wonderful result is a compliment to the work and the commitment of all those involved.


Nice! The studio is open by appointment. Mail me , send a message via the contact page or make an appointment by phone.