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Juul Rameau gives lectures on Biomimicry, Biophilia, her inspiration, Creative Thinking and her entrepreneurship.

Juul has a unique company in the creative sector. She often works on commissions and supervises the process from design and execution to completion herself. She stays in close contact with the client.

A part of Juul’s mission is to inspire others and she does so through lectures on Biomimicry, Biophilia, her entrepreneurship and workshops on creative thinking.


She gives a unique insight into her world. What inspires her te make her designs; how does she observe the world around her and are these observations are converted into designs.


Juul challenges participants and stimulates ‘out of the box’ thinking to break away from fixed thinking patterns. Inspires everyone to tap their own creativity and apply it in the daily work pattern.

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The creative process sometimes seems elusive. This is daily business for Juul.

What happens from ‘something’ is observed until the moment that there is a design. Juul talks about her way of observing. How does she looks at things, what happens in her head. Then what? And why? Zoom in and then examine. A unique inspiring insight into this process.


Outrageous design – through creative thinking

Man is a creative being in its core. Our minds and our brains offer an endless source of opportunities to create new things, to think creatively. As a child we learned to make connections, to associate. These associations are therefore the basis of creative thinking. Because we have learned to make connections, we can understand the world around us. Creating new connections creates creativity and creativity creates new possibilities.
Because existing ideas are safe, we often stop ourselves from thinking outside these frameworks. This is ultimately at the expense of growth and personal effectiveness.
During this creative thinking workshop, the spectators become aware of the fixed thinking patterns in an interactive and entertaining way and a guide is made to break them.

A day of teamwork is very illuminating and strengthens the collegial awareness. This always gives a positive influence. After a masterclass in an artistic environment and with a physical hand in hand, peoples mind are refreshed!