Organic art in the garden

“If it’s not there, you don’t miss it, and as soon as you add it, it enriches all the structures and greenery in my garden.”

This is what a proud owner of one of my Botanica sculptures for in the garden told me. (left here)

Someone else revealed ‘ only taking pictures of patterns on leaves ‘ after seeing my garden art.

For me a confirmation that the organic forms in my art contribute to the connection between man and nature.

Corten steel in a natural environment​

Corten steel sculptures with organic shapes are a real eye-catcher, while at the same time they blend in with the natural environment of the garden. The combination of the color and the sturdiness ensures that I use this type of steel a lot to create my organic art. For me, corten steel art enriches the ‘natural garden’ appearance.

Many of my artworks are made of corten steel. Corten steel, named after the brand name Cor-Ten, is a metal alloy in which iron is enriched with copper, nickel, phosphorus, chromium and silicon. Weathering gives the material a rust-brown oxide layer in the open air that protects the iron and ensures that the material is just as strong as, for example, stainless steel. If you ever get tired of a sculpture, the material can be melted down and reused, so very sustainable!

Biophilic Design & Art

My artworks fall under the principles of Biophilic Design, where the starting point is to connect people and nature for our well-being and happiness by allowing natural elements to return in all kinds of art, design and architecture. Connecting people and nature is also called Biophilia.

Creating is my greatest passion. It gives me great pleasure to share my art with as many nature lovers as possible. It is very dear to me to make so many people happy with something I love to do.

Garden – art – nature inspiration?

In the context of what is possible during this intense period…. My studio is a breeding ground for all my ideas that develop into works of art with graceful, organic-looking, natural forms. Here I work on various art projects and a changing collection can be seen. An application from a private individual or company for commissioned art is always a great challenge. An exchange of ideas, feeling and form. A wonderful result is a compliment to the work and the commitment of all those involved.


Nice! The studio is open by appointment. Mail me , send a message via the contact page or make an appointment by phone.

Do you also want a Botanica sculpture in your green domain?