Nature is my inspiration. The place where I wonder about the diversity and the space I explore. My collection of natural findings is expanding steadily. This collection is my Wunderkammer and is the base of my designs. How do I do this? What I collect? See the images on the right!

Who impresses what?

What impresses who?

The world has been explored since the 16th century, and from that time worldly objects were collected and investigated. Unknown worlds were explored with great enthusiasm. One was amazed by the exotic flora and fauna, curious customs, opinions, artefacts from these unknown areas. The world suddenly turned out to be so much larger than people had thought. No wonder they wanted to know more about it. No wonder that people were in need of clarity and some system. In order to get a grip on the big world, she wanted to have her in a manageable form. At home, they created ‘a world at a glance’ and the beauty was that everyone could do this in their own appropriate way. In other words, the Wunderkammer.

de Wunderkammer - organische vormen - Biophilic Design